Crown Pavilions

The Crown Pavilions collection ranges - from luxury wooden gazebos to bespoke garden rooms complete with double-glazed bi-fold doors, premium engineered oak flooring and the option of underfloor heating. For the ultimate all-year-round garden entertainment solution that meets and exceeds your expectations, look no further than Crown Pavilions.

All of our garden buildings are available in a choice of fully certified premium-grade European Redwood or Canadian Western Red Cedar. Each Crown Pavilion is hand-made to order by skilled carpenters and joiners using a combination of time-honoured techniques and state-of-the-art machinery. Before leaving the workshops, it is meticulously hand-checked, before being installed by a highly skilled team who work to exacting standards.

Most important of all, Crown Pavilions promises to deliver an outdoor room that looks stunning and performs beautifully – and which you can enjoy in comfort and style all year round.