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Tendercare's Home and Garden Living Range, offers a contemporary range of outdoor living solutions, built for comfort and longevity, in an outdoor environment.  Our selection also aims to blur the definition between the House & Garden, with many of our products sitting happily in either environment.

Our contemporary products are full of warmth & character and with over 90% designed in the UK and are quite unique.  We also resist the current tendency to make throw away furniture and would expect you to enjoy your purchase for many years to come, so we use high quality materials with sound and skilful manufacturing techniques, produced with sustainability in mind in terms of material sources and recycling credentials.

Our new showroom at Denham opens in September and in the meantime we have a small selection of the range available so you can see the quality of the range planning your house & garden projects with expert advice available. Our planning experts are available by appointment to visit your property or project and design a scheme exactly right for your needs including plants for both interior and exterior settings.  You can also simply select and buy from our comprehensive range of furniture & accessories online.

Whatever, we will make you feel that your time with us is a bit special with time to relax.

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