Soggy, wet and muddy gardens are an all too common sight in the UK these days. At the mercy of extreme weather patterns in recent years thanks to rising global temperatures, our gardens require much more time, effort and care to maintain.

Lawn care in particular is challenging and time consuming. Sustaining healthy, lush, cut-to-size grass is a battle for even the best of British gardeners.

What if you had a perfect healthy, lush green lawn all year round with no maintenance required? Well, that’s exactly what Easigrass is able to provide you with its market-leading products.

Development in artificial grass – also known as AstroTurf, fake or synthetic grass – has produced extremely natural-looking alternatives to real lawns. They look and feel incredibly realistic – solving the maintenance woes of many garden lovers.

Artificial turf is becoming ever more popular for sport pitches, school and with pet owners. You can let your child or pets play in the back garden safe in the knowledge they won’t come back covered in mud to trail through the house.

There are an array of benefits of using artificial grass. Here are just a handful of good reasons to switch to Easigrass:

  • Low maintenance
  • Environmental savings
  • Perfect for pets
  • Flexible applications in your home
  • Perfect for sports