Tendercare's Range

Start your plant hunting journey here! We offer you a wide range of beautiful hedges, shrubs and trees grown in our own plant nursery, delivered straight to your property. We aim to cultivate plants with a unique character in terms of shape and application: our main goal is to grow high quality, mature, strong and well-rooted plants for you and your garden, simply because we want to help you create a glorious garden in an instant. There is a perfect tree for every person and every front or back yard. 

Mature & extra mature

We offer you two categories, both filled with large and impressive plants in the categories hedging, climbers, exotic, ornamental and aesthetically pruned plants. The main difference between the two categories is the size of the preferred plant and therefore the access/gate width measurements. 

  1. Where plants will be taken through a standard garden gate of 80-90 centimetres, start your plant hunting in the Garden Gate Range section.  

  2. If you have access of over one meter wide, there are spectacular choices in our Plants where Maturity Matters Range. 

Why buy a mature tree?

There is no better view than a mature tree or shrub. Mature plants will give an instant effect at planting and therefore transform your garden into a beautiful green paradise in a very short amount of time. They are an investment that will add value to your home, create a sense of privacy and bring instant life: mature trees will be at a stage of life where they should produce a sizeable harvest or many flowers soon after arriving at your property. They provide instant shade and they’ll help offset your carbon footprint by absorbing pollutants. 

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From nursery to final location

We deliver our plants anywhere in the UK and offer warrantied planting services. Our packing and installation team has all the right equipment and have shipped and unloaded dozens of large trees across the country. We ensure that trees are received by customers when required and in perfect condition. We offer warranty on everything that we plant. Would you like to see your preferred plant in real life before delivery? You are welcome to visit our plant nursery. With several highly trained consultants to advise you, we are also able to offer site visits and design services to assist you with your project.

Green your garden

Feeling inspired and ready to upgrade your garden with the most spectacular mature plants? It's easy to buy mature trees directly from our website. Any questions regarding the plants we offer online? Feel free to contact us. We are ready to green your garden!