Garden Topiary Balls

Brighten up your garden with these topiary balls. These artfully pruned plants bring liveliness, structure and elegance to your garden. The ball shaped shrub might be the most popular amongst topiaries, because of its simple yet classy shape. 

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The versatility of topiary balls

Topiaries are incredibly versatile and can be styled in a number of ways. They can create a structured effect in a formal garden, yet they can also make your garden look playful and exclusive. Turn your Box plant (Buxus), Holly (Ilex) or Yew (Taxus) into a focal feature by placing a single topiary ball in the centre of your garden. Create a more dynamic look by planting multiple balls in containers on either side of a path. Combine them with other perennials for contrast. 

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The plants in this category can be taken through a standard garden gate of at least 80-90 centimetres. Want to go bigger? We also have mature artfully pruned topiary balls that you can order online. These plants have a width of a least 100 centimetres. If you have any questions regarding our topiary plants, feel free to contact us.

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