Plants Suitable for Acid Soils

Plants that need a slightly acidic soil to do their best.  It is important because they will not be able to take up the nutrients that they need from the soil, if they are wrongly planted.  A clear sign something is amiss - they will start to go yellow around the edges of the leaves.  One way to tell if this range is likely to do well is to have a look in your neighbour's gardens.  Do they have Rhododendrons, Camellias and Skimmias growing well and looking green?  Is so, you should be safe to go ahead.  If you adore these plants and don't have the right type of soil, consider having a specimen in a lovely large pot in a semi-shady spot on the terrace or front garden.  These plants are typically adapted to a woodland setting with dappled sunlight, even full for part of the day.

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