Mature Evergreen Feathered Trees

Add year-round beauty to your garden area with our stunning extra mature evergreen trees. In this category, you’ll find some of the most beautiful mature evergreen feathered trees that will give your garden an aesthetically pleasing focal point. They provide texture, colour and joy in winter gardens where all deciduous plants and shrubs look sad, dead and gloomy. Our range includes conifers such as cedar trees and evergreen hollies. Order your favourite feathered trees online or visit our charming nursery in Denham.

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What are feathered trees?

A feathered tree has this show-stopping quality that is unlike any other. It can be recognized by its single upright stem with evenly spread, well-developed lateral branches that start at the lowest part of the stem. The shape reflects the natural development of the tree. Because of their lasting beauty and natural look, they are quite popular among landscape architects and designers. Who doesn’t want a tree that has rich year-round foliage? At Tendercare’s nursery in Denham, you’ll find multiple feathered evergreen trees that can take your garden project to a more graceful level. Plan your visit or give us a call.

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Why add feathered trees to your garden?

Evergreen feathered trees add green structure to any outdoor space, even in the coldest of months. Plant a single bushy feathered tree in a beautiful container or plant multiple specimens to create height at the back of your garden border. Some feathered trees even offer screening ability. They provide safety, shelter and food for local wildlife at times when there is not much dense foliage around. By planting multiple feathered trees, your garden will become more private, less windy and less noisy. The density of many evergreens blocks cold winds or snowdrifts. Hedges are a great barricade between you and noisy streets and give you little or no view of the next-door neighbours.

Evergreen trees

Ilex and Cedrus: our favourite feathered trees and shrubs

Some of our favourite feathered trees at our nursery are the Cedrus and Ilex. The evergreen cedar is a slow-growing conical conifer with a slightly weeping habit and silvery green needle-like leaves. The decorative crown-shaped tree produces glaucous barrel-shaped cones which ripen to brown. The Cedrus Deodara prefers full sun and well-drained soil and can reach a height up to 25 metres and spread to 10 metres. The Deodar is the national tree of Pakistan and has often been believed to be the tree of God since its wood has often been used to build temples and palaces. Ilex is a large genus of almost 500 species of evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs. Our feathered Ilex is an upright, dense shrub with dark green spine-toothed foliage. The holly produces long-lasting red berries, which become evident from late autumn to winter. It grows well in any well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. There are some other feathered trees that we love:

  • Prunus lusitanica Myrtifolia
  • Laurus nobilis
  • Taxus baccata Dovastoniana
  • Magnolia gra. Galissonniere

Buy feathered evergreen trees

Feathered evergreens are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any outdoor space. With these trees, you add year-round interest and structure to your garden. Please note that the feathered trees in this category can be taken through a garden gate of at least 100 centimetres. We offer some smaller, but no less impressive mature evergreens that you can order online. If you would like to look at our plant range in real life, visit our plant nursery in Denham. If you have any questions regarding the trees and shrubs we offer online; please contact us