Mature Japanese Acers & Bamboo

Are you in love with trees or shrubs with beautiful, richly coloured foliage? Do you appreciate the peacefulness of a 'zen' garden? And do you adore plants with an elegant form that can turn your garden into a haven of peace? This is your place to be! Japanese Acers and bamboos are key ingredients for a Japanese garden. By planting acers or bamboos, you will add something special and unique to your landscape.

What we have to offer

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Versatile bamboos and acers

Our versatile bamboo plants, including the Fargesia and Phyllostachys, are very strong, fast-growing, great focal points when planted in clumps, but also truly brilliant when used for screening. Japanese Acers (or Maples) include a rich variety of trees and shrubs with graceful features and gorgeous leaves. The most common three species are the Acer Palmatum, Acer Shirasawanum and Acer Japonicum. Acer Palmatum is a species to which most Japanese Maples belong. We offer a wide variety of the mature Japanese Acer Palmatum and Shirasawanum online.

Why add bamboo to your garden?

This graceful grass will add a classy, but also modern and peaceful Asian feeling to any outdoor space. There are many different types of bamboo in a nearly endless range of heights, thickness, colours and growing habits. Therefore you will always find a bamboo species that will match your needs. Bamboo succeeds in a garden when used as a focal point or screen. With its easy growth habits, bamboo can be grown in most conditions and soil types, as long as it is well drained. Bamboo will also prevent soil erosion since its roots will hold the soil firmly. 

Bamboo: through the garden gate


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Running or clumping bamboos

There are two main types of bamboo that we offer online: running and clumping bamboo plants. The difference is in their rooting characteristics and the way they spread. Running bamboos are monopodial and have long rhizomes, or underground stems, that are quick to spread horizontally. A ‘stem barrier’ is essential to prevent running bamboo from ‘running’. Clumping bamboos on the other hand spread slower and grow in a cluster. They are sympodial, which means they have shorter rhizomes that stay closer to their base. Because of its short root structure and tight cluster of culms, it is incapable of expanding rapidly.

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Popular tree and shrub

As you probably would have guessed the Japanese Acer is native to Asia, predominantly Japan, Korea and China. It was mainly the Japanese who, through centuries of breeding, have created some truly beautiful trees since the 7th century. Japanese Acers were first introduced to the UK in 1820 and have been popular ever since, mostly because of their architectural form and stunning foliage colours.

Which Japanese Acer?

The Japanese Acer is a slow grower and popular in all types of gardens, but is mostly seen in smaller spaces with an oriental style. Since the Japanese Acers differ in size, shape and colour, the right Acer will fit into and thrive in any environment. Take three factors into consideration when deciding which Japanese Acer is perfect for your garden.

  • Where to plant the Japanese Acer
    Most Japanese maples do best in humus-rich, well-drained soil. A spot that receives morning sun and shade during the afternoon is ideal. Some Japanese maples tolerate more sun than others do, so always read the specific tree’s description before planting.

  • What size or form
    Japanese maples range from half a metre to 8 metres tall, depending on growing conditions. We offer Japanese maples up to 5 meters in forms that can be weeping, dwarf, upright or cascading. Are you looking to create a spotlight with a solitary tree, plant a group of smaller Acers or do you want to fill a large container? It all depends on your main personal taste and site opportunities. 

  • Leaf shape and colour
    Decide which type and colour of foliage appeals to you. Japanese Acer foliage can be divided into two types: either palm-shaped with 5-9 pointed, toothed lobes or ‘lacy’ and delicate. Colours can range from red, green, orange to purple, pink and white, depending on the season. Even though colours may vary, all Japanese maples are interesting year-round.

Buy a Japanese Acer

The spectacular mature acers in this category are perfect for outdoor spaces which have access of over one meter wide. We also have some smaller, but no less beautiful Japanese Acers and bamboos that can be taken through a standard garden gate of at least 80-90 centimetres. Want to have a look at our Japanese Acers in real life? Visit our plant nursery in Denham. Any questions regarding the plants we offer online? Feel free to contact us