Every plant, shrub or tree could do with a bit of pruning once in a while. Start your gardening job well prepared with the right garden tools! This way, you can ensure that your maintenance job, mowing or pruning session will go as planned. You also want your outdoor space to look neat and well-maintained, right? You came to the right place! In our range, you'll find professional, high-quality tools from top brands such as Darlac. With Tendercare's equipment, you can handle any garden job.

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Make gardening fun again

You and your garden certainly benefit from having the right garden tools at home - whether you have a bunch of houseplants or an entire estate. After all, where there is green, there is maintenance. Even if your garden consists mainly of tiles, which is obviously a shame, you will find a maintenance job waiting for you every so often. In our online shop, you can find the right garden tools for different purposes. At the moment, we offer lots of different pruning tools. Because we only sell the very best and user-friendly tools, we want to eliminate the idea that garden maintenance equals inconvenience. Mowing, raking or pruning: maintaining your outdoor space is a simple, soothing and satisfying job when you get started with the right product. The garden products produced by Darlac make gardening fun again!

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Why prune your trees, shrubs or plants?

There is no question that you have to take good care of your plants to keep them in the best condition. Pruning is a common garden task that benefits most plants. However, not every plant is equally happy with heavy pruning. In fact, there are plants, such as ground covers, that don't need pruning at all. Our green experts at the nursery can always give you advice about a specific plant, tree or shrub. We have listed several reasons why it could be a necessity for you to get started with cutting and pruning tools:

  • Your shrub or plant is becoming too full and therefore too heavy;
  • Your eye caught some dead flowers and branches;
  • If you want more flowers and fruits, old flowers should be removed;
  • There is a lot of dead wood, which can be a source of diseases and fungi;
  • There are branches in the way;
  • Your hedge or other plant reaches the neighbour's garden.

When to use your pruning tools

You can basically use your pruning tools all year round, unless it is freezing or too hot. In addition, it depends on the type of plant, shrub or tree when you should prune:

  • Perennials are usually relatively easy to maintain. They basically just show up in spring. Only when they have finished flowering can you go for a summer pruning session: this means that your perennial will often flower again. In autumn, you can leave the perennials alone, which provides a nice picture in the coldest and darkest of months.
  • Always take the time of flowering and fruiting into account with shrubs and trees. For example, pruning fruit trees leads to a larger harvest. It is also true that some trees, such as the birch and maple, are very prone to bleeding. When the 'blood' flow starts in the spring, the moisture flows out of the tree during pruning. Do you want to prune the trees once in a while? Do this in spring, so your bush will recover the fastest.

All kinds of pruning tools

When you're surrounded by plants, you'll have to get your hands dirty once in a while. Besides watering and fertilising your plants, regular pruning can be a necessary activity. Sometimes you prune to relieve a heavy climbing plant, other moments to keep a hedge on shape. Many plants like to be pruned every so often because this rejuvenates the plant. It then grows stronger and can bloom in spring. Pruning tools come in many shapes and sizes. After all, you do not need an electric hedge trimmer to cut off the sprigs of a hydrangea, and small shears are too small to keep the boxwood hedge from growing to the neighbours' garden. That's why we have multiple pruning tools in different strengths and lengths - including telescopic tools. 

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Some pruning advice

As you know, one plant is not like the other. Each type of plant, tree or shrub requires a different kind of attention. It's therefore pointless to proclaim one general truth about pruning. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when you want to prune your plant:

  • Make sure you take good care of your tools and that you clean them after pruning. Your tools will last longer this way;
  • In addition, make sure that your tools are sharp. Blunt knives lead to accidents more quickly and simply do not work as well. In our shop you'll find a sharpener to do the job for you;
  • Ready to get started? Check the weather forecast. Is a frost predicted? Leave the garden for what it is. Pruning in full sun is also better avoided. This can lead to pruning wounds on the plant;
  • If you're going to prune in the spring, it is always good to check that there are no nests hidden in the tree or shrub.

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