Climbers on Canes

Turn your garden project into a striking piece of art with our climbing plants on canes. With these plants it’s easy to make boring and unattractive walls, fences, pergolas, arches and tunnels look way more interesting. Tendercare’s high-quality, mature climbing plants on canes will green every small or large garden. Since these plants climb upwards they require almost no space. With their beauty, these plants will surely turn any outdoor space into a green paradise.

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The versatility of climbing plants on canes

All climbers have a natural tendency to grow upwards, and some are even self-clinging (like Hedera or Hydrangea). Yet, most climbing plants need some support and thus require tying-in to a screen or frame. Our climbers are grown on frames for height and instant effect, and our climber fixing kits include all you need to create a strong but invisible support for these plants, whatever the structure you wish to grow them over or against. In small gardens, or even patios and balconies, climbing plants can be used to unify a space and increase the surface area. The climbers are applicable in many ways and take up little ground space. In somewhat bigger gardens, these plants can create a sense of enclosure and privacy by dividing the garden into multiple sections. They also provide shade on summer days.

Buy climbers on canes from Tendercare

Why go horizontal when you can go vertical? Turn your garden into a colourful paradise with our climbers on canes. The plants in this category can be taken through a standard garden gate of at least 80-90 centimetres. Want to go bigger? We also have extra mature plants on canes that you can order online. These plants have a width of at least 100 centimeters. If you have any questions regarding our topiary plants, feel free to contact us or plan a visit to our plant nursery in Denham.