Mature Screen Plants

Create privacy and green comfort in an instant with our mature screen plants. With these plants, you take your garden design to a greener level without the plants having to grow for years. The screening plants in this category already have body and height so that you can give your garden a lively, mature, structural and natural look instantly. Order the screening hedges online or plan your visit to our nursery.

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The perfect addition to any garden

Who wouldn't want a garden that immediately has a mature appearance? A garden fence may be practical, but especially when thinking about the future of our planet, green additions to your garden are more than desirable. The density of your screening plant provides privacy, shelter from wind and a nice resting and nesting spot for birds and other garden animals.

Garden Hedging Screens

Why buy a mature screen plant?

There are multiple reasons why you should add a mature screen plant to your outdoor space. For one, you don’t have to wait for years and years until your plants reached maturity. Your garden will immediately feel alive and full-grown after planning. The screens can therefore hide unsightly views in an instant or even cut down noise coming from streets or neighbours. You can use the screens to define your space or as a background for your other plants and create some trendy and informal ‘garden rooms’. Add a playful seating area in one ‘room’ and a play area for the kids in the next. Whatever style your garden has, a screen will make any garden look more rich and beautiful.

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The Carpinus as a green screen for your garden

Our mature screening plants come in different shapes, types and sizes. In addition, the screening hedges are very easy to install. Our favourite screening plant is the Carpinus belutus, also known as the hornbeam. This deciduous round-headed tree has small, ovate mid-green leaves. In spring, yellow catkins are formed, and in autumn, its leaves colour to yellow-brown. The plant can grow very tall and wide, so regular pruning is needed to keep it in a more formal shape.

Buy mature screen plants

We are happy to give our mature trees, shrubs and plants a new happy home. Want to green your garden with our mature screen plants? Great idea! We offer mature plants that require an access gate over 100 centimetres wide, but also some smaller but no less beautiful hedge plants that can be taken through a standard garden gate of at least 80-90 centimetres. Want to have a look at our screen plants in real life? Visit our plant nursery in Denham. We love to help you out with the design, planning and planting of your dream garden. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the plants we offer online.