Evergreen Trees

Add year-round structure and permanent character to your garden with Tendercare’s evergreen trees range. Since evergreens do not lose their foliage, they are highly appreciated, mostly during the year's dark and grey months. They provide texture, colour and joy in winter gardens where all deciduous plants and shrubs look sad, dead and gloomy. Many flowering broad-leaved tropical plants are evergreen, but in cold-temperate areas, the evergreens commonly are cone- and needle-bearing trees. These include conifers such as pine, spruce, and cedar trees.

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Why add evergreens to your garden?

There are multiple reasons why you should consider adding some evergreen trees to your outdoor space. For one, most evergreens are very strong and resilient. Often very little pruning is necessary since they tend to be low-maintenance options. As already noted, evergreens do not lose their foliage in fall and winter. Some even have cones, berries and flowers, or are highly scented. But there is more to love…

  • Evergreens are often very dense and therefore provide a safe place for birds. Local wildlife can easily hide from predators in the leafy trees and shrubs. Also, berries and seeds that are found in holly or conifers are delicious treats for the birds.
  • By planting multiple evergreen trees or shrubs, your garden will become more private, less windy and less noisy. The density of many evergreens blocks cold winds or snowdrifts. Hedges are a great barricade between you and noisy streets and give you little or no view of the next-door neighbours. If this is on top of your priority list, you should consider our pleached trees.
  • Who doesn't love the smell of conifers, especially during the winter months? They are not only stunning, but all senses will benefit from the addition of multiple evergreens.
  • Trees are necessary for us to breathe. Evergreens purify our air when air pollutants are at their highest. Therefore, evergreens improve air quality.

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Which evergreens should you plant?

There are many beautiful evergreens to choose from, so it can be hard to decide which trees are the perfect addition to your garden. Think about the function you want them to fulfil. Do you love flowers? Consider the magnolia tree. Is the smell important? The feathery cypress has a great scent. Do you want the birds to have a feast during the colder months? The Ilex (holly) has the brightest and most delicious berries. Evergreens are functional plants, but you must not forget the ornamental purpose. Mix your evergreens in with your planting to create a year-round green backdrop for your garden, or let them take centre stage by planting them as a solitary plant. When deciding on which plants to buy, consider things like drainage, wind exposure and sun, and keep in mind how these elements may change with the seasons.

Buy evergreen trees

Evergreens add structure and year-round interest to your garden. Whether you are looking for a fir, spruce, pine or other evergreen trees, Tendercare has all the trees you could wish for. Please note that the feathered, pleached, small and standard trees in this category can be taken through a garden gate of at least 80-90 centimetres. Want to go bigger? We offer some extra mature evergreens that you can order online. If you would like to have a look at our plant range in real life, visit our plant nursery in Denham. Any questions regarding the trees and shrubs we offer online? Feel free to contact us