Mature Exotic Plants

Do you want to feel like you are on holiday without even buying a plane ticket? Add some exotic flair to your garden with Tendercare’s mature exotic plants. Our hardy exotic plants come mainly from the Mediterranean region and are here to give your planting plans an almost tropical feel. With our mature palms, you will turn your garden into an English jungle in no time. We also offer some smaller cactuses and agave plants in our 'through the garden gate' category. Our plants are ideal for dry, free-draining, nutrient lacking soils. They love the sun and are dominated by those lovely washed-out grey and silver hues. Many are scented, and some even have health-giving properties. What more could you want?

What we have to offer

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Subtropical paradise

That time of year when you can go on holiday is something most people look forward to all year. By adding some palmscactusesagaves or other exotic plants to your outdoor space, you only have to look forward to stepping out your door. Turn your garden into a year-round subtropical paradise that will put a smile on your face every day. Of course, not all tropical plants, trees, and shrubs can be added to our UK gardens because of our climate. Tropicals tend to need constant warmth, which is not guaranteed in our country. Still, multiple hardy and evergreen plants look good and survive during our hot, cold, rainy or windy seasons – especially when taken the proper precautions.

Choosing the right plants for your exotic garden

With Tendercare’s range, it is easy to create a convincing green oasis by choosing the right plants with an exotic appearance. Diversify your planting by combining some tropical looking statement plants, trees and native green shrubs for underplanting. For example, you can’t go wrong with an eye-catching palm tree. With their big leaves and tropical feel, our palms are perfect for creating immediate impact and adding that foreign jungle look to your garden. We offer multiple species, the most well-known being the Yucca and the Trachycarpus. Combine the palm with some smaller evergreens to create some green layers, just like in the jungle - the result: a lush backdrop of greenery.

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Desert-inspired garden

As said before, the critical element to creating an exotic garden is choosing plants that look tropical but can survive in our climate. Plants with giant, sculptural leaves or strong shapes will immediately give that effect. When thinking about cactuses or agave plants, you probably immediately think of a foreign desert. Cacti and succulents are popular houseplants that you hardly see in our gardens, yet several cactuses are frost hardy. For example, the Mexican Echinocactus is an evergreen plant that can tolerate a temperature of -10°. Like the cactus, the agave is perfect for a drought-resistant or desert-inspired urban jungle. Some of them can even carry flowers. They add structure and architectural depth to any garden and will make your outdoor space truly special.

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Give your garden that magical touch with our mature exotic plants. We also have some smaller, but no less beautiful exotic plants that can be taken through a standard garden gate of at least 80-90 centimetres. Want to have a look at plants in real life? Visit our plant nursery in Denham. Any questions regarding the plants we offer online? Feel free to contact us