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Turn your garden into something special with a garden Agave. Make the Agave the focal point of your exotic border, or let the plant take the stage in a matching container. You can’t go wrong with this unique and breathtaking plant! Order your favourite Agave plant online or make an appointment to visit Tendercare’s plant nursery in Denham.

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How to maintain your Agave?

What shade of green are your fingers? Whether they are dark green or minty fresh, you are going to love the Agave! The Mediterranean Agave plant is perfect for those who love the sight of a spectacular green outdoor space but don’t have the time or knowledge to maintain the plants. Taking care of an Agave is almost effortless. Give your new evergreen friend a sunny spot in well-drained soil to ensure it thrives all year round. The succulent is known for its dramatic foliage with sharp edges and drought-tolerant character. Being used to Mexico's dry and sunny desert, this plant has no problem surviving in our gardens. Just make sure your Agave doesn’t get his feet too wet. They can use a bit of help when frost kicks in since most Agaves are front-tender to about 0-5°C.

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The Agave Americana

It probably comes as no surprise that the Agave Americana is a variety that is native to the United States. Some people refer to this plant as Century plant or American aloe, even though it’s not an aloe. This architectural plant has fleshy, sword-shaped, blue-green leaves and occasional stems that can even carry white or yellow flowers from spring to summer. Agave Americana usually blooms in 10 to 20 years. This is a good thing since after blooming, the monocarpic Agave dies. The nickname ‘Century plant’ comes from the fact that the slow-growing plant takes many years to flower. The Agave could grow up to 200 centimetres.

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Combining your garden Agave

Since the Agave can be quite a showstopper, you must choose the right plants to go with this exotic beauty. You don’t want the Agave to take all the shine. Mix and match the succulent with sedums or ornamental grasses to let it tower above the others and create a beautiful structured and architectural border. The bigger Agaves are also nice background plants for some low-maintenance ground covers. Sometimes opposites attract and create maximum impact: to add some colour to your garden, make the Agave the focal point of your flower bed. With some varying flowering perennials, you can create a glorious mix of eye-catching shapes and colours.

Buy Agaves for the garden

Give your garden that exotic or Mediterranean touch with our garden agave range. Please note that we can take the plants in this category through a standard garden gate of at least 80-90 centimetres. Want to have a look at our agaves and other exotic plants in real life? Visit our plant nursery in Denham. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the plants we offer online.