Mature Plants for Acid Soils

A happy plant is a healthy plant, and therefore it is essential to give your garden plants and trees just what they need. In this category, you will find plants that need slightly acidic soil to do their best. It is important because they will not take up the nutrients they need from the soil if they are wrongly planted.  A clear sign something is amiss is when they will start to go yellow around the leaves' edges. These plants are typically adapted to a woodland setting with dappled sunlight, even full for part of the day. If you adore these plants and don't have the right type of soil, consider having a specimen in a lovely large pot in a semi-shady spot on the terrace or front garden. Do you need some more information about the range at Tendercare? Please contact us or make an appointment to visit our nursery.

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Soil is essential

First and foremost, plants can’t do without soil. It is the foundation for all plant life since plants need air, water, nutrients and some protection to grow big and strong. And all of these are provided by the soil. But as you know, not all soil is the same. Different geology, topography and weather conditions have affected the type of soil in your area, the three most common being clay, sandy and silt. Each type of soil had its own blend of minerals, organic and inorganic matter that determines the plants suitable for this spot. The health of the plant you grow is directly related to the quality of the soil. 

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What is acid soil?

In general, plants prefer a neutral soil, but some are favourable to more acidic conditions. The acidity or alkalinity is measured in pH units. A pH value of around 7 is considered neutral, and everything below means your soil is acidic. Fortunately, at Tendercare, we have some beautiful plants that will add interest to your garden and thrive in acidic soil. You can measure the acidity of your soil using a soil test kit. Another way to tell if this range is likely to do well is to have a look at your neighbour's gardens. Do they have large-flowered Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons, Camellias and Skimmias growing well and looking green? If so, you should be safe to go ahead. However, it is important to add some bark to your ericaceous plants or mulch your soil a few times a year since acid soils can be thin and lack nutrients. Also, try not to use drinking water when watering the plants. It will raise the pH level of your soil.

Other popular acid-loving plants:

  • Azaleas
  • Holly
  • Gardenia
  • Magnolia
  • Dogwood
  • Pachysandra

Buy mature acid-loving plants for the garden

Turn your garden into a colourful paradise with our plants that prefer acidic soil. We also have some smaller, but no less beautiful plants that can be taken through a standard garden gate of at least 80-90 centimetres. Want to have a look at our plants in real life? Visit our plant nursery in Denham. Any questions regarding the plants we offer online? Feel free to contact us.