Hedging and High Screening Trees for The Garden

Define your outdoor space with our hedge troughs, screens and hedge plants. Hedges form an attractive natural fence, provide shelter from winds and other elements, and create a sense of privacy and security. They give your garden a green facelift while also having some functional advantages. Some hedge plants take years to look the way you want them to, but our screens and troughs will have an immediate effect. Here at Tendercare we grow and supply a wide selection of mature hedge plants and we offer a variety of hedge troughs, screens and hedge plants online.

What we have to offer

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Functional and decorative

Planting a hedge is an excellent way of turning your garden into a green paradise. Are you wondering what kind of hedge or hedge plant suits your garden? The first thing to keep in mind when purchasing hedge plants is the primary goal of the hedge. Of course, you want your garden to look good, but maybe there is more to it: does the hedge need to be planted in a particular place where it can shield you from unwanted onlookers? Or perhaps you would like to hide a less attractive part of your street or garden. In other words, is the decorative or functional element more important? The foliage density and height could be the critical factor in deciding which kind of hedge. 


Evergreen hedge plants

If you would like to maintain some privacy during all seasons, our evergreen plants, trees and shrubs will make your garden look colourful year-round, even in the coldest, darkest and greyest months. We offer a variety of evergreen hedge plants, such as:

  • Buxus sempervirens

  • Thuja occidentalis Brabant

  • Prunus laurocerasus

  • Hedera Helix

  • Taxus baccata 

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Advantages to hedges

As mentioned, hedges add year-round colour to your garden, serve as an ideal privacy screen and hide unattractive features. Yet, there are a few more advantages. Many hedging plants will reward you with flowers and even berries. As a result, planting a hedge is a great way to encourage wildlife: birds love to nest in dense hedges, whilst hedgehogs use them as a travelling corridor from one garden to the next. Some berries and flowers also provide food for small mammals and insects. A hedge can also reduce noise levels and even absorb harmful toxins emitted by traffic. An established green fence can function as a background and help enhance colourful plants in front of it. The possibilities are endless. 

Hedge plants

Buy hedges or hedge plants

Want to green your garden with our hedge troughs, screens or hedge plants? Please note that this category's plants can be taken through a standard garden gate of at least 80-90 centimetres. We also offer some extra mature hedge plants. Want to have a look at our hedges in real life? Visit our plant nursery in Denham. If you have any questions regarding the plants we offer online, feel free to contact us

Extra mature hedging plants