Add some more plants to your life!

Add some more plants to your life!

With our 17-acre plant nursery and countless green experts, it shouldn't be a surprise when we tell you that we can't live without plants. We love all that grows and blooms! We, therefore, find it very important that you and your garden also get those lovey-dovey feelings when it comes to plants, trees and shrubs. After all, plants are healthy for the body and mind. However, plants are not only visually attractive or great for their beneficial and relaxing effect; our planet also benefits from all that planting. So replace those tiles with an excellent combination of semi-paved surfaces, grass, ground covers and borders filled with beautiful plants, trees and shrubs. It's more important now than ever. We tell you all about it in this blog article…

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Help our earth out: sustainable gardening

Our earth is having a hard time with Co2 emissions, pressure on the sewage system, deforestation, petrification and the growing garbage pile. We can all contribute to a healthier climate by taking a critical look at your garden. Many people find it an easy solution to pave their gardens from front to back. 'The more tiles, the less maintenance' is often thought. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. How about algae on or weeds between the tiles? Beneficial garden animals that repel harmful insects also avoid a paved garden. In addition, all those tiles will lead to several unhealthy circumstances in the future:

  • the warming of the city;
  • fewer birds, butterflies, bees and other insects;
  • flooding and increased pressure on the sewer;
  • more pollution.

So every reason to green your garden. After all, no garden is maintenance-free, so you better make the best and most beautiful of it. While you will soon enjoy all the plants around you, all garden animals and future generations will thank you very much.

Did you know that… trees and plants have a cooling effect? Where stone retains heat, green provides shade and low temperatures.

Sustainable gardening | Tendercare NurseriesGrass and ground covers

There are several options for greening your garden and making it more sustainable. The ideal garden consists of 2/3rds of plants and 1/3rd of paving. For example, opt for a large lawn in a shape that suits your taste. For example, a sleek, rectangular lawn perfectly fits a modern garden, where a more organic form suits a playful, romantic garden. After all, such a lawn is multifunctional: you can walk, sit, lie and play on it. This way, you can still quickly move through the garden and make optimal use of the space. There are also plenty of ground covers that you can walk on. Did you know that many ground covers stay low and do not need pruning? In addition, they keep weeds out of the garden, protect the soil from drying out and attract many insects, birds and butterflies. Consider, for example, the Pachysandra or Cyclamen. Visit our nursery or discover our range of ground covers online!

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Flower beds and garden borders

A garden with several beds is not only beautiful to look at but also very useful. By choosing a nice mix of annuals, perennials and low-maintenance shrubs, you have something beautiful to see every season. There are also plenty of shrubs and plants that ask little of their owner. Think, for example, of the ever-popular hydrangea, beautiful reed, Pachysandra or boxwood. You can also use the tiles you have removed as a border edge. Make a planting plan in advance that suits your taste but also the location and create beautiful combinations. The garden experts at Tendercare Nurseries are here to help you out what landscaping and garden design services.

Tip: is it difficult to say goodbye to the tiles in your garden? Then consider semi-hardening. This covers the soil but allows the rainwater to pass through. For example, choose tree bark, split, shells or wood chips.

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Sustainable gardening with Tendercare Nurseries

Put your green fingers to work and take your garden to a more sustainable and greener level. Visit the nursery in Denham, Uxbridge or our online shop for the plants, soil products and the tools that help you with this. Quality guaranteed! Our employees are happy to provide you with all kinds of tips & tricks for a sustainable garden. 

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