If you want to enjoy your garden to the fullest, you should always take good care of all the green that grows and blooms. Without those plants, your garden is basically just any other outdoor space. Every plant needs nutritious soil since it’s one factor that plays a role in keeping your garden healthy and thriving. Annually fertilising your plants prevents the quality of the soil from becoming poor and plants from becoming deficient in nutrients. Not only can you find the best mature plants at the Tendercare nursery in Denham, but we can also help you out with additional products like fertilisers. Add them to your basket and watch your plants thrive.

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Why do your plants need fertilisation?

By applying fertiliser, you feed the soil with minerals and nutrients that your plants need to grow. Nutrients play an important role when it comes to the vitality of your plants, shrubs and trees. Just like us humans, plants need nutrients to grow and stay alive. When you don’t give your plants the nutrients they need, they won’t grow as fast, the leaves might turn brown, and there is even a chance that the plant will die. Also, plants become more susceptible to disease and pests. In short, fertilisation is essential for maintaining a green, healthy and thriving garden.

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When to apply the fertiliser

Spring is the perfect time to fertilise the garden for the first time that year. After a period of rest in winter, all plants start to sprout again in spring – and they often grow pretty fast. It comes as no surprise that your plants and shrubs can use some nutrients during this growth spurt. Usually, this is around March or early April, depending on the weather. It’s easy to spread the fertiliser granules around the plants during this time since most plants don’t have their leaves yet. Repeat this fertilisation once more in summer. Rake the granules through the top layer of the soil. Water well afterwards.

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After plant bio fertilisers

Keep in mind that there are fertilisers (both chemical or synthetic fertilisers and organic fertilisers) that last from a few months to an entire growing season. The garden experts at Tendercare recommend fertilising your evergreens with After Plant Evergreens Bio Fertiliser from Empathy. The Empathy After Plant range provides essential nutrients to your plants, conditions the soil, and enriches soil biology. This offers long-lasting growth benefits in the most natural way possible and is a viable substitute to pure chemical NPK fertilisers.

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Give your plants what they deserve with the fertilisers from Tendercare. Tendercare is happy to provide fertilisation advice for each garden plant that you buy. Follow these instructions and enjoy strong, energetic plants in your garden! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about optimising your soil or keeping your plants the healthiest. We have an extensive plant range that can take your gardening plans to the next level. If you would like to have a look at our plants, shrubs, hedges and trees in real life, visit our plant nursery in Denham.

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