Mature Evergreen Small Trees

They say size doesn’t matter, and that certainly goes for our small, but mature evergreen trees. Even though their height isn’t the greatest, they definitely will become the eyecatchers of your garden with their breath-taking beauty. Evergreens have the advantage over deciduous trees in that they will give your garden colour, structure and interest all through the year – even in the coldest of months. Time to add some extra mature small evergreen trees to your outdoor space! Check out the trees we offer online or plan your visit to the Tendercare nursery. We are happy to match you with the perfect tree for your garden plans.

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Why your garden deserves an evergreen tree

Every garden needs a tree! After all, a tree with beautiful foliage provides your outdoor space with shade, structure, a rich atmosphere and ecological balance. Plant your shrub as the garden centrepiece, next to the terrace or plant multiple trees on either side of a path. Trees are also an important means of combating CO2 emissions. A tree, therefore, creates a healthier living environment and brings nature close to home!

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A tree for every garden

The trees and shrubs in this category are perfect for somewhat smaller gardens that could use a dose of green without giving up too much space. Not only are these small evergreen trees beautiful to look at, but they also have other advantages: you can create privacy without giving your outdoor space that claustrophobic feel and birds and insects can find shelter in the winter. Trees decorated with flowers during spring and/or summer will also attract bees and other pollinators. We offer multiple trees that can take your garden design plans to the next level. Which tree has drawn your attention?

Small evergreen trees for the garden

Two of our favourite evergreens: Magnolia and Prunus

From the Prunus to the Photinia and from the Ilex to the Ligustrum, we offer various evergreens that can’t wait to be planted in your front or back garden. One of our favourites is the Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'. This tree will surely take your breath away with its large creamy white flowers in late summer and dark green leaves with a furry, rusty orange underside in fall. The evergreen grows well in full sun to part shade in any well-drained soil. Another showstopper is the Prunus lusitanica Myrtifolia. This tree also has attractive white flowers that produce purple fruits in summer. Dark green leaves green your garden throughout the year.

Buy mature small evergreen trees online

We are happy to give our trees, shrubs and plants a new comfortable home. Want to green your garden with our small evergreen trees? Great idea! We offer mature and extra mature trees and shrubs. The trees in this category, even though they're quite small, need access over one meter wide. Want to have a look at our evergreens in real life? Visit our plant nursery in Denham. We love to help you out with the design, planning and planting of your dream garden. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the plants we offer online.