Mature Evergreen Pleached Trees

Turn your garden into something spectacular by adding one or more evergreen trees. They take the stage during the colder months of the year and give you a green sparkle when other plants look sad and brown. Our pleached trees not only brighten your garden with their year-round foliage but also with their aesthetically pleasing appearance. The range of extra mature evergreen pleached trees in this category will take your gardening plans to the next level. Feel free to visit our nursery in Denham if you want to take a look at these trees in real life.

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What are pleached trees?

Pleached trees have a single, straight stem with branches trained to form a flat horizontal screen. The unique growing habit of the pleached tree is achieved by guiding the branches in the desired direction with a framework of bamboo. Pleached trees, or espaliers, require little space and are ideal for elevated screening. They offer privacy, shelter and can be used as sunshades or windbreaks. In the past, these used to be the main reasons for planting a pleached tree. Nowadays, they are still incredibly popular, mainly for aesthetic reasons. They add height, structure and architectural flair to any outdoor space that could do with some breath-taking eyecatchers.

Evergreen trees


Why add a pleached tree to your garden

In the old days, these 'hedges on stilts', were used to create shaded walkways or to align the gardens of stately houses. After all, pleached trees are ideal against unwanted onlookers, to make an unsightly view look stunning, or to provide some shade on a hot summer day. With these evergreens, you can section off areas in your garden to create these kinds of ‘garden rooms'. In addition, a pleached tree is easy to prune annually.

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Different kinds of pleached trees

There are quite a few species that can be turned into a pleached tree or espalier. Traditionally, the evergreen Cherry Laurel and Magnolia Grandiflora have been popular choices for pleaching. Most of the pleached trees usually produce fruit or flowers. The space between the branches gives them enough room to bloom and flourish. In this category, you’ll find multiple evergreens, like for example:

  • Photinia x fraseri ‘Red Robin’: it thrives on most soils and has white flowers in May-June, followed by red-black berries.
  • Prunus laurocerasus 'Caucasica': this evergreen espalier grows quite quickly. The white flowers appear on the laurel in summer if you do not prune the pleached tree.

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Pleached evergreens are an aesthetically pleasing addition to any outdoor space. With these trees, you add year-round interest and structure to your garden. Please note that the pleached trees in this category can be taken through a garden gate of at least 100 centimetres. We also offer some smaller mature pleached evergreens that you can order online. If you would like to look at our plant range in real life, visit our plant nursery in Denham. If you have any questions regarding the mature trees and shrubs we offer online; please contact us